10 Convincing Facts About the Effectiveness of Business Signs

Marketing techniques come and go, but if there is one which has remained steadfast over the long-term, it’s the use of business signage. In fact, businesses have been using signs to attract customers since the days of the ancient Egyptians and the reason they remain so popular today is because they are so successful.

Of course, this being the 21st Century, no right-minded business person would take such a claim for granted without looking at the data. Thankfully, there is a lot of it about: sign manufacturers now have their own organisations which carry out research into the effectiveness of signs and which seek to find better ways to use them. In this post, we’ve put together some of the most convincing facts we can find to show you just how effective business signs are.

1. Signs are proven to attract new customers
Research has shown that 75% of people have, at some point, entered a store they had never been to before simply because of its signs. There are various reasons for this: attractive branding, great promotional offers, or stand out colours or designs. Whichever, a good business sign attracts attention and draws people into the store, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

2. Signs also stop customer ‘leakage’ 
Perhaps leakage isn’t the most technical of terms, but what it means is that many companies lose out on business simply because no-one knows they are there or because they cannot be found. Indeed, 60% of shoppers stated that the lack of a sign had prevented them entering a business premises.
Signs don’t just tell consumers where to find a business, either. They are used to promote products, sales and events that increase the likelihood of customers popping in to take a look at what’s on offer.

3. Signs generate word of mouth referrals
Another striking fact is that 75% of people have informed family and friends about a business purely from seeing its sign, without even going there themselves. If someone asks if there’s a specific kind of local business and we’ve not used one ourselves, we’re most likely to mention one we have seen. What usually makes such a business stand out in our memory is the sign.

4. Quality signs equal quality stores
There’s no truth what so ever that a high-quality sign guarantees a high-quality store. However, it is a fact that people believe this to be true. Indeed, 70% of consumers think that the quality of a sign reflects the quality of the business. From a marketing point of view, therefore, it is easily possible to change choppers’ perception of the quality of a business by investing in high-quality signs, such as those available from ESP Signs.

5. Better signs mean more purchases 
Following on from the point above, not only does the quality of a sign affect shoppers’ perceptions, it also impacts on their purchasing decisions. According to research, 67% of consumers are more satisfied when buying from a business that has high-quality signage. In this sense, the sign becomes a form of status symbol.

6. Signs kickstart new businesses
When a new business is launched it needs to work hard to attract customers. This can be difficult when it’s not yet making enough money to fund a major marketing campaign. Signage, however, has been proven to be a cost-effective solution that brings in a fantastic ROI. According to a recent study, newly launched businesses generate 50% of all their custom from their signs.

7. Attracting the customers who count
The great thing about signs is that they get seen by the local population. As 85% of local customers live or work within a five-mile radius of the businesses they use, signs provide one of the most highly targeted marketing techniques available. Virtually anyone who walks or drives by is a potential customer who can be attracted by the signage you display.

8. There for the changing community
Even if your store is well established within your area, it is still worth considering how changes to the local population can affect your business. In any typical suburb, around 15% of residents will move home each year. This means that after three years, around half the population will be newcomers.
The easiest way to ensure that the newcomers find your business is to put up a sign to let them know you are there. A third of all

9. Attracting impulse buyers
You’ll be surprised by the number of businesses who benefit from impulse buyers: people who drive by a fast food outlet and fancy a burger, someone grabbing a takeaway coffee from a petrol station. The incidences are numerous. But what helps these businesses get found are the signs they put up to attract impulse buyers.

10. Better legibility means better sales 
One of the requirements for a quality sign is that it is clearly legible to readers. Whilst eye-catching designs are important, if they prevent the message getting across clearly, they are hindering rather than helping communication.
Businesses who make sure that the important information is legible gain the most in terms of number of customers attracted and the revenue that signs generate.


If you haven’t been sure about the value of signage, hopefully, the facts mentioned above will convince you of how beneficial it can be. There are many useful types of sign you can use, such as storefront signs, window graphics, monolith signs, sales banners and illuminated signs. Each can have a different function and play a role in bringing customers to your door.
To find out more about the signs we provide as ESP Signs, check out our range of products.

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