4 Most Popular Trends in Sign Design

As a leading specialist in the signage industry, we’ve seen many changes in how signs have been designed over the years.

With the introduction of new and exciting materials and the development of hi-tech manufacturing systems, trends have moved towards designs which promotes the brand just as much as the message. This is done by using innovative products to reach far wider audiences and developing creative ways to capture the attention of consumers. These include LED illuminated signs, vehicle graphics, 3D built-up lettering and freestanding monolith signs.

Here, we’ll show you the top signage trends currently being used today.

High-vis vehicle graphics

One of the major trends in signage use over recent years has been the move towards high-vis vehicle graphics. With the ability to combine high-resolution photography, vector graphics and text onto any design it has been possible to turn a boring white van into a professionally presented, eye-catching mobile advertisement.

Vehicle graphics offer endless possibilities for brand, product and service promotion. You can show photographs of your products, services and your workforce, display your branding, place promotional text and even show your contact details, like phone numbers and web addresses.

What’s more, these designs are not just available for typical business vehicles, they are also being used on standard cars used by businesses such as driving instructors, dog walking services and mobile hairdressers.

A major reason for their popularity is that they get seen regularly in and around a company’s catchment area. Whether moving or parked, they are noticed by everyone passing or driving by, reaching thousands of potential new customers every day.

  1. Go bright

LED lighting has revolutionised the signage industry and is one of the most popular design elements asked for by businesses. Besides giving your business 24 hour day visibility, helping it to get noticed in the dark and in poor weather, LEDs bring other advantages that make them ideal.

For a start, LED lighting offers far more versatility when it comes to signage design. Available in a wide range of colours, they can create your branding in a spectacularly eye-catching fashion and can even be animated or change colours. All this is achievable because LED signs are made from many individually programmable bulbs. In addition, they can also be used to illuminate other types of signage, such as fabricated letters and glass signs.

The other benefit is that compared with other forms of illumination, LED signs are far more efficient to run, last longer and need little maintenance. And as they don’t generate the same amount of heat, they are much safer to use.

Stand out with 3D

For high impact branding at the entrance to buildings and in entrance lobbies, the current fashion is to create a 3D design using built-up letters that stand proud of the wall. These make a bold statement about a company that gives its brand a definite air of substance.

3D built up signs can be made from metal or acrylic and have the option to be illuminated by LEDs. Using metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium, with polished or brushed finishes, it is possible to create stunning designs that give your premises immediate status. Similarly, acrylic signs, which can be created in a range of colours, produce a clean, modern impression.

Ideal for pushing a brand, one of the reasons for their popularity is that modern manufacturing techniques make it affordable to produce these signs using company text types, colours and even logos.

Freestanding monolith signs

Not every business has the advantage of being by the side of the road and this means pedestrians and those in vehicles often pass by without even noticing they are there. Today, thousands of businesses who find themselves in this position are taking advantage of monolith signs to make sure they get noticed.

Essentially, monolith signs are freestanding signs that can be erected away from a building so that those companies hidden on retail or industrial estates or set back from the roadside can let their customers know where they are and what they do.

Available in a wide range of materials and with almost limitless design options, including illumination, monoliths can be placed in the most advantageous place to attract passing custom. One of their biggest advantages is that they can be multi-sided or shaped in a way that people travelling from any direction can see them. And provided they don’t infringe local planning regulations, they can be built in any size, height or width to suit your needs.


Signage trends have developed dramatically over the last few years with a greater emphasis on branding and visibility. Businesses want signs that make a clear statement about who they are and which have maximum impact, day or night, whether on their premises, by the roadside or on their vehicles. To do this they are taking advantage of the new materials and technologies which are now at their disposal. Hopefully, the trends we’ve shown here will inspire your next signage upgrade.

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