4 Types of Signage That All Businesses Need

Nearly all businesses use signs and with good reason, they promote your brand, products and services, help customers find you and increase your sales. Today, businesses have a range of signage options they can choose from, each capable of fulfilling a variety of important purposes. In this post, we’ll look at the key types of signage that we believe all businesses need and can benefit from.

Shopfront signs
Shopfront signs have been used outside business premises for centuries and their effectiveness makes them as popular today as they have ever been. Probably the most important function of a shop front sign is that it tells customers that they have arrived at the right location. If your business name is not clearly displayed on the outside of your premises, even those who are purposely looking for you might feel uncomfortable going inside. Sixty per cent of consumers are said to find the lack of a sign off-putting.

A good shopfront sign not only tells people they have arrived, it promotes your company to those who are passing by and this can help generate business as new customers discover you. According to a study by Ketchum Global Research, three quarters of shoppers have entered a business they had never been in before as a result of seeing its external sign. What’s more, research from the International Sign Association (ISA) shows that external signs generate 50% of new customers.

Shopfront signs are more than just a way to direct people to your door. They are also a great way to promote your brand. Using today’s materials and design techniques it is possible to create visually stunning 2D and 3D signs that recreate your branding for everyone to see. And with the addition of LED lighting, it is possible for this to have an impact 24 hours a day, helping you promote your business to passing traffic even when you’re closed.

Other external signs
Besides store front signage there are a number of other external signs that can be used to entice new customers. For businesses whose shop front is not immediately visible from the public highway, it can be difficult to be seen by passers-by. One of the main ways of getting around this is to install a sign closer to the roadside. Monolith signs are a great way to do this, as they are freestanding and do not need to be affixed to a building. Freestanding post and panel signs perform a similar useful function.

External facia signs that promote products and services, as well as special promotions, are also useful ways to attract attention to the outside of the building. By creating signs which include images of your best products, for example, you are presenting customers with an idea of the kind of things they can find inside and this can increase footfall significantly.

Vehicle signage
For companies which have vehicles, not having vehicle signage is a missed opportunity. Modern, high-vis vehicle graphics let you turn your company van or car into a professional looking, attention-grabbing advertisement.

Using a combination of high-resolution photography, vector graphics and text, vehicle graphics are the ideal solution to promote your business to your local community. They make it possible to showcase your products, display your branding and contact details and communicate important marketing messages. You can even put QR codes on your vehicle so customers can link straight to your website.

Whether driving or parked, your vehicle will get seen by thousands of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians every week. By using high-vis vehicle graphics, it means you will be able to reach out to all those potential new customers.

Internal signage
Indoor signage carries out a number of important functions. One of the most popular forms is the interior lobby sign. This is used to bring the branding seen on the exterior of the building, indoors. In doing so, it makes an impactful statement about your brand to your visitors. You often see these types of signs in businesses which have receptions, such as hotels and health centres and in the offices of legal companies and other professions.

In larger premises, wayfinding signs are often essential to help people make their way to the right location. These can serve a dual purpose, for, aside from giving directions, they can be branded, helping to keep the brand message remain consistently on show across the entire facility.

Another common form of internal signage is the promotional sign. Signs can be displayed which advertise customer offers or which promote forthcoming events. In large retail stores, they are often used to help customers know which section they are in.

For example, a large sign showing a butcher is an easy way for customers to know they are in the meat section of a supermarket.

Make that sign show the butcher smiling and holding generous portions of delicious looking cuts of meat and you are promoting friendly service, high-quality food and generous prices at the same time.

High-quality signage can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business, promoting your brand, your products and your services. While there are many types of sign you can choose from, storefront and other external signs, together with vehicle graphics and internal signage are the four key elements of creating an effective and potent signage strategy.

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