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5 Benefits of Using Poster Cases in Schools

Nowhere makes as much use of paper displays as a school. They are on every corridor, in every hall, on every wall and you’ll even find them stuck to windows and glass panel doors. And there’s a huge range of things being put on display too: learning aids, information posters, classroom rules, daily notices, weekly bulletins, timetables, rotas, instructions, advertisements, letters, pupils’ work, rewards charts, maps of the school, you name it. Inside and out, schools are awash with displays which, despite best efforts, are often chaotic and unattractive and where some of the more important information fails to get its message across. What’s the solution? Poster cases. Here’ we’ll explain why.

1. Move information outdoors

Some poster cases are waterproof and are designed for outdoor use, complete with lockable cases. Putting these in outdoor spaces provides a number of benefits. Firstly, a noticeboard for parents and visitors can be placed near the entrance to the school where they can access information without having to visit the reception or make a phone call. This also gets rid of the unsightly practise of Blu-Tacking sheets of paper to reception windows.

Placing external poster cases in the school playground enables pupils to read them during break and lunchtimes. This means the items don’t need to be displayed in corridors where groups gathered to look at them can impede the traffic of others as they make their way around the school. Not only does this lead to more punctual lesson starts; it also makes the corridors safer.

2. Stops defacement and vandalism

Every school has a serial defacer who can’t resist the temptation to add their moniker or ‘artwork’ to a display.  Vandalism of such nature can be inappropriate, offensive to many and embarrassing to the school, especially when the head is showing the Ofsted team around the building.

A poster case puts a stop to defacement by keeping your notices and posters behind a protective casing. Even better, it’s not just the posters themselves which are protected; with anti-vandal glazing and secure, anti-tamper locks, the poster case itself is vandal-proof.

3. Stops information being taken down or covered

The competition for wall space in a staffroom often leads teachers to take down or cover over important notices so that they can put up their own. Hence the schedule for next week’s training day will be usurped by a notice about the forthcoming staff social.

While all these posters serve a purpose and are no doubt important to the people who pin them up, some of these are critical to the effective running of the school and need to remain prominently on display. One only has to think of the chaos that can happen if the cover list or duty rota go missing and pupils are left unsupervised as a result.

The solution is to reserve one area for a secure, lockable poster case. The fact there is only one of these means everyone will know that’s where the really important information is to be found. And to ensure only important information goes in there, you can issue keys only to those who need access, such as senior leaders, the head of admin and the head’s PA.

4. Prevents inappropriate posters being put up

It’s common practice in schools for children to organise events and create all the promotional materials. While these cross-curricular activities are beneficial from an educational point of view, sometimes the final versions of the posters they produce are not given proper scrutiny and can contain images and texts which run contrary to the values of the school. It’s not just pupils at error either, non-politically correct posters made by staff even hit the headlines, as any Google search will show.

Aside from these ill-considered faux pas, there are, unfortunately, some more serious problems with unauthorised posters. It is not unheard of for parents with businesses to ask their children to put adverts up around the school, nor for children to put up flyers for events that are inappropriate for their age group. Today’s politically and socially conscious kids might also display material for causes and organisations that the school cannot approve of, perhaps because of its own religious affiliations or because of its need to remain neutral on such topics.

Once again, the use of lockable poster cases prevents anything from being put on display without first being authorised by the school.

5. Longer lasting classroom displays

A great deal of work goes into making classroom displays and they can turn an ugly old room into a vibrant learning environment. Over the course of the school year, however, they get leaned on, picked at, scribbled on and torn and soon become tired and in need of replacement. That means more work for the already overworked staff and more expense for backing paper, borders and lamination.

At the same time, some of the things which go on display have personal value, such as a pupil’s best work or something of sentimental worth they have brought in from home. At some point, they will want these back in good condition.

A poster case protects wall displays from the dust, dirty fingers and accidental damage that can shorten their longevity and make the room a less appealing place to learn.


Posters and notices in all their varieties continue to play an important role in schools. However, the way they are displayed can cause issues of its own. A poster case is the ideal solution to ensure you only display what is authorised and that what goes on display remains protected.

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