5 Reasons Poster Cases are Ideal for Noticeboards

Wherever you go in the UK, you’re likely to come across a noticeboard. From shops to churches, surgeries to schools, they are used to promote events, advertise local businesses and give important information. They have long been part of our way of life and even in the age of text messages, emails and notifications, they continue to be popular ways to disseminate printed information – bucking the trend when compared to the demise of the local newspaper.

Today, the humble noticeboard is moving with the times. The simple board that someone could attach a piece of paper to with a drawing pin has been superseded by one which is protected by a case. There are very good reasons why you should consider upgrading to a poster case. Here are some you might want to think about.

  1. Better outdoor display

British weather has never been kind to posters and notices displayed on outdoor boards. Wind can tear them or even blow them away and rain can blur the ink and damage the paper beyond practical use. Signs simply stuck to an outdoor noticeboard will not last that long, especially as most notices are made in-house and printed using paper and ink meant for indoor use. Even putting them inside plastic document wallets isn’t going to protect them for too long.

A more effective solution is the poster case – some of which are purposely built for outdoor use so that besides having the glass to keep the wind and rain away, the casings are watertight and even the fixing holes are carefully positioned to prevent rain entering. Not only does this ensure your notices and posters remain undamaged for as long as you need them, they’ll also stay looking presentable at all times.

  1. Prevents vandalism and defacement

A notice or poster outside of a case is vulnerable, especially those placed in unsupervised areas. Posters are easy to deface and vandalise and it’s not unheard of for someone to take a marker pen and add a few unwanted details.

A poster case prevents your notices and posters from being defaced by keeping them within the protective casing. Indeed, it’s not only the posters that are protected; the poster cases themselves are made from robust materials, some have anti-vandal glazing and secure, anti-tamper locks.

  1. Prevents unauthorised removal of posters

It’s not uncommon for people to take notices and posters down. If someone objects to an event being advertised on a noticeboard, an easy form of public protest is to remove the offending piece of paper. If this was a notice about an important meeting and no one discovered it had been removed, it could affect the turnout.

This can happen for all kinds of reasons: businesses removing adverts for their competitors, locals taking down the poster for a local gig because they don’t like the noise or the extra traffic, or people taking down notices for a particular charity because they disagree with its aims.

A secure, lockable poster case ensures only authorised individuals have access to the notices and thus prevents this form of theft taking place.

  1. Stops unauthorised notices being displayed

Flyposting is a much-used guerrilla marketing tactic where adverts or flyers are put up without permission, often in illegal places. If you have an unprotected noticeboard, therefore, there is the potential that someone could use it to display their own notices.

This can cause several problems, perhaps the main one being when the poster advertises something that goes against the values of the organisation to which the noticeboard belongs. Using a poster case ensures that the owners have the ability to authorise every notice or poster which goes on display, preventing embarrassing or offensive materials from being posted without permission.

  1. Improved presentation

Poster cases are a great way to improve the presentation of your notices. Aside from preventing carefully placed notices from being moved around or damaged by passers-by, the case provides an attractive frame that draws the attention of those in the vicinity. The inside of the case can also be decorated with different colours, backings or borders.

Poster cases can also be placed below a specially designed sign that states what kind of noticeboard it is. It can even be illuminated so that the notices are visible when it is dark. This is ideal for those places which open late.


Notices and posters are the short-term signs that organisations always want to draw particular attention to. A poster case is the ideal way to present these and to keep them protected, whether they are installed internally or outside. They also prevent notices being vandalised or removed and stop people from displaying unauthorised notices.

For more information see our Poster Cases page.


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