5 Ways Window Graphics Can Improve Your Business

If you’ve not considered installing window graphics, it’s perhaps time you did. Today’s technology means you can have custom made designs that turn every window on your premises into a brand enhancing, marketing opportunity. They can make your business more attractive, communicate important information and attract the attention of passers-by. Here are some of the ways window graphics are the way forward.

1. Improve the look of your premises
Completely transparent windows are not always the best idea. There are some businesses where, from the outside, the inside just doesn’t look inviting. A large, unadorned pane of glass makes that lack of attractiveness obvious to everyone.
In places like restaurants, diners like to have a feeling of intimacy while enjoying themselves. Customers in hair salons and chemists may want a degree of privacy. When they are on display to the entire street, however, it can feel more like being in a zoo with everyone staring in.

Well-placed and well-designed window graphics, like those from ESP Signs, can significantly improve the look of a building, attracting new customers and making those inside feel more comfortable. Some graphics can give glass a frosted or patterned effect that creates a cosy atmosphere whilst still letting the light in and giving those passing by a peek at the delights to be found inside.

Alternatively, there are full-colour, opaque graphics, which can use text, images and even photographs to brand a store, promote products or create an air of mystery about what’s inside. Even if you already use window displays, window graphics can be incorporated to enhance their design.

2. Window graphics help you get found
Most bricks and mortar businesses have a traditional facia sign above the entrance and this is a great way for helping customers to find you – from a distance. Those who are a bit nearer, however, are more likely to notice things at eye-level. While you can’t put a facia sign at this height outside the building, you can install eye-level window graphics.

Putting your company’s name, branding and other information at this height improves your ability to attract customers who are walking nearby. If that window graphic is well designed, it can become a memorable landmark that passers-by become familiar with. So, even if they don’t visit today, they’ll know where to find you when they need you next.

3. Boost brand reputation
Image is everything on the high street and the quality of your signage is crucial to your brand. According to research undertaken by Fed Ex, nearly 70% of consumers believe the quality of a business’ sign is an indication of the quality of its products and services.

Window graphics are able to play a significant role in this. Besides improving the attractiveness of your premises, they can also be used to create the right identity for your brand. Whatever image you which to portray, window graphics can be used to enhance it. They can be modern, retro, chic, lively, serious or fun and can be custom designed to incorporate your logo, corporate colours and fonts.

In this way, window graphics put your brand in open view on the high street and help improve its perceived value among customers.

4. Get your message across
As they can incorporate text, window graphics are ideal for communicating information and promoting events. Small graphics on entrance doors can display your opening times, phone number, email address and website URL. These details can help you take bookings or sell products online even when you’re closed.

As they are easy to install and remove, you can use temporary graphics to promote seasonal sales, product launches and other events. The can even feature QR codes or NFC tags so that customers can use their smartphones to find out more information, receive special discounts or get invites. These can also be used to generate social media likes that promote your events to a wider audience.

5. A cost-effective advertising solution
Placing adverts costs money, it doesn’t matter if it’s on AdWords or on the back of a bus. You don’t however, need to pay to place an advert in your window. If you think about all the people who will walk past your premises, this can be a very cost-effective solution to add to your marketing mix. One benefit of this is that customers who are interested don’t have to go anywhere to find you. If you are advertising something they want, they can walk right in and get it. A window graphic ad, therefore, dramatically improves the possibility that customers will take action.

6. Slash your advertising budget
If you want to place an advertisement elsewhere, not only will you need to pay for the ad, you’ll need to pay someone else to display it for you. So, in comparison to putting adverts on billboards, bus stops and other places around the town, you can save money by putting it on your own premises instead. The added advantage of this is that when people are attracted to it, they don’t have very far to go to find you. This can be very helpful because we tend to forget about most of the adverts we see, even if we are interested. However, when the advert is in the shop window, there is far more chance of people taking action.

With today’s computer design and printing technologies, window graphics have come into their own as a way to improve the attractiveness of buildings whilst helping businesses to promote their brand and market their products, services and events. They are affordable to buy, easy to install and remove, and a cost-effective way to make businesses stand out on the high street. Are window graphics a good idea? The answer’s as clear as glass.

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