6 Benefits of Projecting Signs

Projecting signs have been in use for centuries and with good reason; they are proven to be highly effective. However, it would be untrue to say there’s nothing new about them. With modern materials and the latest technology now available, this hugely popular form of sign has undergone something of a renaissance that has seen it become used far more widely than ever before. Here, we’ll look at some of the benefits of using them.

What are projecting signs?

The terminology used in the signage industry can be confusing at times so, for clarity, a projecting sign is one which sticks out from or is perpendicular to a wall or post rather than being fixed flat against it. The most common example you’ll see is the traditional, old fashioned, pub sign.

The benefits of projecting signs

  1. Easier to read

One of the main advantages of a projecting sign is that they are easy for people to read. Most people first notice a sign on the street as they are walking towards it, not when they are stood right outside. When a sign that is flat against the wall of the building is seen from this angle, the perspective is distorted. The letters which are nearer are bigger and easier to read while those further away are increasingly smaller and harder to make out.

A projecting sign that is perpendicular puts all the letters at the same distance from the eye and thus makes them the same size. This makes it easier to read.

  1. Readable from a distance

In some cases, depending on the distance a person is away from the sign or the angle at which they are viewing, a flat sign can disappear from view completely. If you are a business vying for custom on the high street, this can put you at a serious disadvantage.

A projecting sign, however, displays its message at an angle that faces those walking towards it. This means it can be seen clearly from a distance and can draw the attention of customers further away, giving you a competitive edge.

  1. Viewable from both sides

Of course, sticking out from a wall or post at 45 degrees means the sign will have two visible sides and this enables you to effectively target people coming in both directions towards your premises. This also means passengers in vehicles that drive past your sign can turn for a second look even when they have moved further down the road.

  1. Can be placed away from your business premises

Projecting signs don’t need to be affixed to your actual building and this makes them ideal for businesses which are situated away from the roadside but which need to attract the attention of passers-by.

The way to do this is to create a freestanding projection sign that is affixed to a rigid support structure. These can be purposely built to ensure that the sign is safe and secure and can be positioned anywhere on your business premises. As a result, you can put your projecting sign in the place that is most advantageous for your needs.

  1. Modern graphics and materials

While traditional projecting signs were made out of wood and hand-painted, those of the 21st Century come in a much wider range of materials. One of the most popular choices of material is Opal Acrylic and the reason for this is that it can be manufactured to any size and can have any graphic design printed on it – enabling you to display your branding in intricate detail on the street.

It’s not just the sign that’s versatile, you can also choose the material needed to fix your sign, whether that’s a traditional wrought iron swinging sign, a standard fixed bracket or something a little more contemporary.

  1. Be seen at night

For businesses which ply their trade during the dark hours, such as pubs and restaurants, it is absolutely crucial that your projecting sign is seen at night. Even for those which operate standard business hours, come the winter months when it gets dark in the late afternoon, a non-lit sign can be ineffective. And for all businesses, a lit sign can operate as an effective 24/7 advertisement even when you are closed.

Today, it is possible to create bespoke designed LED projected signs that give your business real presence during the darker hours. And with LEDs being long lasting and low on power consumption, it’s a great way to make your sign work much harder for you.


A familiar feature of the British high street for hundreds of years, projecting signs have proved their usefulness to countless business owners. With today’s modern materials, design techniques and illumination methods they are proving more beneficial than ever before.

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