6 Benefits of Window Graphics

When it comes to promoting your business and your brand on the high street, every window in your store is an opportunity. With today’s technology and materials, modern window graphics make it easier than ever to make your mark. They help you improve the look of your premises, attract the attention of passers-by, communicate with customers and enhance the reputation of your brand. In this post, we’ll look at six benefits of window graphics that you shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Make your premises more attractive
Bare windows can cause problems for stores. If you are a café or restaurant, for example, some customers might not want to be sat in full view of the public. Shops that have window displays face the task of updating them regularly before they begin to look stale. Some shop fronts simply look plain or unattractive.

Window graphics, however, help you to improve the look of your store. Frosted and patterned graphics can create a cosy feel for cafes and shops and can look far better than old-fashioned curtains or dusty old blinds. Similarly, full-color opaque graphics can illustrate the products you sell by showing them in an attractive setting and, by hiding the store inside, they create an enticing air of mystery about what’s on offer. Those stores with window displays can use window graphics to frame their display in creative and appealing ways.

2. Enhance the reputation of your brand
If image is important for your business, using window graphics to make your premises more attractive can also improve the perceived value of your brand. Designs can be smart, chic, contemporary, nostalgic, fun or serious. Whatever image you need to portray, it can be achieved through the choice of design you use.

In addition, it is possible to produce window graphics that contain your corporate logo, colours and fonts so that you can take your branding out of the shop and place it in direct view on the high street.

3. Help customers find you
The traditional way for stores to get noticed and to get found by customers is to have a facia sign above the door or windows. Whilst this is helpful for people looking from a distance, those nearer to you will have more chance to see you if you attract them at eye level.

By placing your name, logo or other information at eye level on a window graphic, you are able to advertise and communicate far more successfully with customers who are walking past. What’s more, if you have a memorable design, those customers that might not want your services today will have a better chance of remembering where you are in future. In this sense, a window graphic can become a familiar landmark on the high street that can have an impact over the long term.

4. Inform your customers
The great thing about window graphics is that it can be used for all kinds of communication. Besides branding and decoration, you can use graphics on windows and glass doors to inform customers about the products you sell, the services you provide, your opening times, website and email addresses and your phone number. These can be used to entice customers in or help them get in touch via another channel if the actual store is closed. In this way, a hair stylist, for example, can use a window graphic to generate bookings out of business hours.

You can also use graphics for simple things, like showing which is the entrance and exit to a store, or from preventing someone walking into a clear pane of glass. Current building regulations stipulate that any full-height glass in windows, partitions or doors must be marked correctly with ‘glass manifestation’ to make sure people know it is glass: window graphics can be used for this purpose.

5. Effective promotion of events
Window graphics can be easily removed which makes them exceptionally useful for short-term promotions. If you are having a sale or holding an event it is possible to create a temporary window display that gives full details to your existing customers and to those who are passing by and may be interested.

One of the great things about these particular signs is that they can be used for marketing in the build-up to the event. For example, including a website link or a QR code on the display can enable you to get people to sign up for the event or like and share it on social media. In this way, a window graphic can assist with online marketing too.

Temporary window graphics can also be used for seasonal marketing, such as making your store look festive during Christmas.

6. Slash your advertising budget
If you want to place an advertisement elsewhere, not only will you need to pay for the ad, you’ll need to pay someone else to display it for you. So, in comparison to putting adverts on billboards, bus stops and other places around the town, you can save money by putting it on your own premises instead. The added advantage of this is that when people are attracted to it, they don’t have very far to go to find you. This can be very helpful because we tend to forget about most of the adverts we see, even if we are interested. However, when the advert is in the shop window, there is far more chance of people taking action.

As you can see, window graphics are an opportunity not to be missed. They can make your premises more attractive, enhance your brand, help customers find you and let them find out information about you and about the events you are holding. They can also save you money.

If you are interested in using window graphics at your premises, check out our window graphics page.

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