6 Clues Your Vehicle Signs Need Upgrading

Vinyl wrap vehicle signage is an increasingly popular way for companies to promote themselves while out on the road. These eye-catching signs can draw the attention of thousands of potential customers every day and, with today’s modern materials, are a highly durable and practical way of adding signage to your cars and vans. However, although wraps can last for many years, they do eventually begin to look tired.

At the same time, changes to the business, innovations in communications technology and various other factors may mean your vehicle livery has become out of date. In this post, we’ll look at six clues that it’s time to upgrade your vehicle signs.

1. Your vehicle graphics are showing signs of wear and tear
Just like your vehicle itself, your vehicle wraps will eventually show signs of getting tired. Although vinyl wraps are strong and hard wearing, years of travelling on polluted and dirty roads in all weathers will take its toll, eventually.
Tell-tale signs that your graphics are ready for an upgrade include faded colours where the sun has bleached the printing, scratches around areas which get used the most often, such as doors, handles and bonnets, and peeling of the edges of the wraps, especially where things may have rubbed up against the vehicle or at the bottom where road spray can have the most impact.
A shabby looking vehicle graphic does not present your business in the right way. So, if you find that these problems are affecting the quality of your sign, then it is time to upgrade to something new and smarter.

2. Your vehicle signs no longer have the right information
Today’s vehicle graphics can contain a lot of useful information about your company. Typical details can include phone numbers, physical, email and web addresses and even QR codes. With so many people using smartphones, interested passers-by will often take a photo of these details so that they can contact you. However, if any of these details change it means your vehicle signs will be ineffective if they aren’t updated – and this means losing sales.
So, if you have moved to new premises or changed your phone number, you should update this on your vehicle as soon as possible. Luckily, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to change the entire wrap. If the existing graphics are still in good condition, you can simply use a matching vinyl decal to cover the old information.

3. Your signage doesn’t cater for new communications technology
Technology is changing at such a pace that, during the lifetime of your vehicle, new ways of communicating can be invented that we haven’t even considered today. It wasn’t that long ago that all a company put on the side of their vans was their name and phone number. Today businesses are putting email and website addresses, Twitter handles, and usernames for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat on their vehicles. Who knows what other popular channels will be around in the next few years?
In addition, some vehicle graphics have QR codes printed on them, while others put NFC chips under the vinyl with the words ‘Tap Your Phone Here’ so that anyone that does can be taken directly to their website page, a booking form or be shown a video.
With modern technology, the opportunities to connect with customers are far greater than ever before. Updating your vehicle graphics to benefit from these technologies can help open up your business to a whole new market.

4. Your signage has gone out of fashion
Fashions come and go quickly and what attracted attention yesterday might turn people off today. Take fonts, for example, those that depicted being ‘on trend’ just a couple of years ago may now show your business to be behind the times. This is also important for those companies that use images in their signage. A bathroom fitter that puts an image of a bathroom on the side of their van might discover, after a few years, that those types of bathroom are more commonly seen in the skip than in the showroom. If that’s the case, it’s a definite indication to upgrade.
5. Your signage doesn’t address shifting attitudes
Brands across the globe are having to up their game when it comes to addressing shifts in public attitudes towards things like gender, race, disabled and sexual equality. Vehicle graphics, like any other form of public display, needs to take this into consideration. Any image or slogan on your vehicle which portrays outdated stereotypes or which may cause offence can have a serious impact on your brand. At the same time, it is important that images are inclusive and represent demographic diversity.
If you find your vehicle signs are out of step with today’s attitudes, then more socially acceptable livery might be called for.

6. Your business has changed
Successful businesses evolve over time, adapting to the changing environment in which they operate. As your business moves forward, you may need to change your branding and marketing to attract new customers and open up new markets.
One aspect of doing this will be to update your vehicle graphics. For example, if you started out as a general builder but have specialised in commercial projects, your vehicle graphics need to show this to stop you attracting the wrong customers and help you attract the right ones. The same applies if you have diversified. You may have begun as an electrician but may now also offer lighting design. Updating your vehicle so that it promotes all your services will help you reach those new customers.

Vehicles signs are a great way to promote your business. They’re an affordable, long lasting and highly visual way to attract the attention of many people. However, for the various reasons shown here, it may be necessary to upgrade them from time to time.
If you are looking for new signs for your vehicle, check out our vehicle graphics page.

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