6 Ways Signs Can Improve Your On-Site Branding

Business signs are one of the most important components of your on-site branding arsenal. They can strengthen corporate cohesion amongst employees and enhance your identity with customers and visitors. In this post, we’ll look at six ways you can use signage to promote your brand.

1. Show customers where you are

If you want people to find your business, you need to make sure they know where you are. For this reason, external signs are absolutely crucial. A good sign will identify your company using your name, logo, corporate colours and font.

A great sign, however, will also make a statement about the type of business you are. To achieve this, consider using 3D lettering or LED illuminated signs that have the ability to attract the attention of potential new customers. Investing in a sign that has the wow factor can reap substantial benefits.

2. Use your windows wisely

Window graphics turn bland pieces of glass into exciting branding opportunities. They are ideal for placing logos in places where people can see them as they pass by. They can also look very classy. By frosting the windows and only letting people partially see what’s inside, they create an air of mystery that gives the impression of a successful, upmarket business.

What’s great about window graphics is that you can create them in almost any colour, size and design. This makes them ideal for branding purposes.

3. Let people know they have arrived

It can be embarrassing if customers enter your premises and ask if they have come to the right place. It’s a particular problem for businesses that share office blocks or have restrictions on displaying external signs. This is why many companies now invest in lobby signage. You’ll often see the name of the company boldly signed above the reception desk, clearly visible as someone enters through the door.

Lobby signage does a couple of important things. Firstly, it puts visitors at ease because they are immediately informed they have arrived at the right place. More importantly, it establishes the space as your business’ domain. You’ve put your name clearly out there for everyone to see. The simple act of doing this gives your brand kudos together with an air of permanence and reliability.
There are lots of ways you can create bold and memorable lobby signs using flat cut or 3d built up letters. These can be made from a variety of metals or from coloured acrylic.

Use signs for subtle, immersive branding

Great branding should be used subtly throughout your building. So, whilst you may have statement signs on windows, entrances and in the lobby, elsewhere you can reinforce your branding by placing it on more functional signs, such as door signs.

If you have a lot of offices in your organisation, it can be difficult for employees, visitors and customers to find the person or the room they are looking for. The easiest way to help them whilst promoting your corporate image is to use branded door signs.

There are two main options to choose from. If you have doors with glass panels, you can opt for window signage. If not, you could use acrylic signs which can either be attached to the door itself or as a plaque at the side of the door.

As staff may come and go, it can be a wise move to create banded door signs that have a removable slot for name inserts.

5. Extend the scope of your branding

A quick walk around your premises might lead to some surprising findings about the number of different signs you use. Many of these may be suitable for branding purposes and left unbranded, are missed opportunities.

One good example is opening hours signs. These are usually displayed prominently for customers to see, often in shop windows.

Rarely, however, do companies make the best use of them for branding. The same applies to the wayfinding signs that you see hanging from the ceilings in schools, supermarkets and other stores. Using these for branding is a great way to remind customers what your brand identity looks like whilst helping them navigate their way around your premises.

6. Use decorative signage to enhance your environment

Business premises with sterile, blank walls aren’t the most welcoming of places for customers, nor do they create the most convivial environment in which to work. By using decorative signage, you can make your internal space a much more vibrant and exciting place to be whilst enhancing your branding at the same time.

With decorative signage, using a mixture of acrylics and flat cut letters, you are not restricted to just using your logo or name. For example, you could take key words or phrases from your mission statement and create these in your corporate font or colours to produce a striking feature that epitomises the values that your company stands for. A famous example of a company that does this is the internationally renowned ‘11 Madison Park‘ restaurant in New York.

Final thoughts

Using signs for branding within your company’s premises can bring significant benefits. They help establish and convey your values to customers and staff, they make customers become familiar your identity and they play a part in making you stand out from your competitors.

If you are looking to enhance your on-site branding, whether you need illuminated, external signage, acrylic door signs, or stunning 3D lobby and decorative wall signs, check out our product range .

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