7 Benefits of Using PVC Vinyl Banners for Local Marketing

When promoting your organisation locally, there are different solutions for different purposes. Sometimes you might need a local radio ad, a leaflet campaign or a vehicle graphic. One of the most popular methods of local marketing, however, is the PVC vinyl banner.

Tried and tested over many years, this form of advertising has a proven reputation for having an impact and today, with modern materials, computer-aided design and printing methods it’s never been easier to produce stunning displays at affordable prices.

Here are some of the main benefits of using PVC Vinyl banners for local marketing.

1. Versatility

PVC banners can be used for many different purposes both indoors and outdoors. They can be used to advertise businesses, promote events, highlight achievements, show people where you are, or display a message. Here are some examples of how they are used.

  • Local theatre groups promoting a production
  • Schools celebrating their ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection
  • Art galleries promoting a special exhibition
  • Stores advertising a sale
  • Businesses showing where they are at exhibitions
  • Charities advertising fundraising events
  • Roadside cafés informing drivers they are just down the road
  • Craft and antique fairs, circuses and travelling fairgrounds giving dates and times
  • Wedding companies using ‘Congratulations’ signs for newlyweds
  • Building contractors advertising their ‘work in progress’

There are almost unlimited things you can do with a banner.

2. Portability

Another great advantage is that banners are portable. As they are simple to put up and take down, and easy to store and transport, they are the ideal, portable promotion material. This makes them perfect for those who move their business from place to place, such as touring theatre groups and stall traders, and for business exhibitions. They are also a great solution for annual events, such as Christmas fairs, seasonal sales or school fetes where they can be used year after year.

3. They go anywhere

PVC banner ads can be displayed virtually anywhere. They can be fastened to railings and fences, hung on the walls of your premises (inside and out), displayed as flags, tied to scaffolding or installed in exhibitions.

There is virtually nowhere they cannot be displayed, though, in some circumstances, such as on public roads, you may need to ask your local council for permission to hang them.

4. Unlimited design options

PVC banners are ideal for printing and with the aid of computer design, there is no limit to what you can create. You can custom design your banner with your own fonts, colours, graphics, vectors and photographs.

It’s not only what’s on the banner that can be customised either. Banners can come in a variety of shapes and in any size you need to make the impact you desire.

5. The ideal banner material

Banners, especially those hung outdoors, have to work in some harsh conditions. They get buffeted by the wind, pelted by rain and frozen in winter. They are constantly in the sunlight and can get very dirty. They get rolled up and unrolled, chucked in the back of vehicles, walked on, stretched and much more.

A lot of materials couldn’t cope with that amount of wear and tear over the long run. PVC banners can. They are robust, hard wearing and easy to clean. The tough PVC coating provides the perfect finish for the printed banner ensuring that it maintains a glossy and professional appearance. It also makes it waterproof and tear resistant, especially around the eyelet holes, even in high winds.

6. A hi-vis, high impact solution

With an eye-catching design, a banner can generate a lot of attention. Placed outside a premises or by the roadside, they can be seen by every vehicle driver, passenger and pedestrian who passes by. Depending on its location, this could be thousands of people every day.

At exhibitions they can be used as a call to action, drawing potential customers to your stand and helping to generate new leads and sales. On your own premises, they can be placed in the most advantageous places, advertising your products and services, enhancing your brand or, as some schools do, promoting your values.

6. Affordability

When you are considering which promotional method to use, you always have to consider your budget. Luckily, with prices starting at just £9.99, PVC banners are a very affordable option. This is why you will see so many of them around and used by every type of organisation, including sole-traders, non-profits and multinationals.

It’s not just the price, however, that’s important. If you are a business, you’ll also want a return on your investment. With their longevity and the potential to get seen by thousands of people every day, a PVC banner can help you reach a far wider audience for your money than a local radio, newspaper, or local directory advert.

Summing up

As you can see, PVC vinyl banners offer organisations a great deal. They are versatile, portable, can be placed almost anywhere, you can create bespoke designs in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are hardwearing and durable, have genuine high-impact and are affordable. What’s not to like about them?

If you are interested in creating a banner for your organisation take a look at our banner page.

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