8 Benefits of LED Illuminated Signs

Signs play a vital role in promoting your business. They let customers know where you are, they show what kind of business you are, and they help create the public perception of your brand. For a sign to work successfully, however, it needs to be visible: both in the sense that it can be seen and in the way it stands out from all the other signs in the vicinity. And this is where LED illuminated signs come into their own.

Here are eight reasons why LED illuminated signs are the ideal solution for businesses.

1. Prominent visibility

The human eye is naturally attracted to brightness, especially where it contrasts with its surroundings. One of the advantages of LED signs is that their brilliance makes them stand out, even in bright sunshine, enabling them to be clearly read from a distance and close up. This means, that on a street with a lot of competing business signs, an illuminated sign has a greater chance of being noticed by consumers. In this sense, it can give you an advantage over your competitors.

2. 24 hour visibility

One of the problems with unlit signs is that the darker it gets, the less effective they are. During the winter months, this means they could stop attracting customers even during regular business hours. For a business that operates mainly in the evenings, such as a restaurant, the effectiveness of an unlit sign depends entirely on street lighting or light coming from other sources.
Bright LED illuminated signs stand out in the dark, helping night-time business attract customers and enabling businesses which operate 9 to 5 to promote themselves to passers-by even when they are closed. The latter is ideal for those companies that are situated in busy public areas or on traffic routes.

3. Improve brand perception

70 percent of customers believe that the quality of a sign reflects the quality of its goods and services. LED illuminated signs give the impression that your business successful and this helps promote the perception of quality. In addition, LED can be used to illuminate a variety of high quality fabricated letters, glass and other architectural signage that depicts your branding.

4. LED sings provide better illumination

Compared to fluorescent and neon lighting, LEDs have more advantages for business signage. They maintain constant brightness, don’t flicker, and you won’t suffer from having part of your sign darker than the rest. Not only does this mean that the sign works more effectively, it gets rid of the poor perception that a badly lit sign can give and the damage this can do to attracting customers.

5. Extended life

There is nothing more embarrassing than a broken sign, whether that’s a missing letter or a dead bulb. Thankfully, LEDs can last for up to 100,000 hours, that’s about 6 years longer than a neon or fluorescent alternative. And, because they are not reliant on gas, which can leak from the bulb, LED brightness is consistently maintained. For this reason, they are the most cost-effective solution for illuminated signs.

6. Cheap to run and eco-friendly

Keeping a business sign illuminated 24/7 used to be quite expensive. However, LEDs are a low-energy solution that uses up to 80% less energy than neon bulbs. This means they are more efficient and much cheaper to run and produce a much smaller carbon footprint.
Another eco-friendly advantage is that LEDs, unlike gas tube lights, don’t contain environmentally hazardous substances like mercury.

7. Minimum maintenance required

LED illuminated signs need little maintenance when compared to other forms of illuminated signage. Longer lasting and with consistent and even brightness, the lights will seldom need replacing. They are easy to clean, too. As most of their energy is converted into light, they don’t get hot, making cleaning a quicker and less hazardous operation.

8. Better design options

Thinner in size than neon or fluorescent bulbs, LEDs give businesses far more versatility in design options. They can be used to illuminate fabricated letters, glass and other architectural signs. They are available in a wide combination of colours and can even be animated or have colour changes. This is possible because LEDs are created from multiple, separate bulbs, each of which can be individually programmed to operate in the way you desire.

Summing up
For businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd and be visible 24/7, illuminated signs are the ideal solution. However, if you want an illuminated sign that gives you the highest quality display with the widest range of design options, and which is cheap to operate and low maintenance, then an LED illuminated sign is the best option.

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