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8 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Signs for Marketing

Keeping your business thriving can be tough for local companies. Not only is there competition from your local rivals, you may also have to take on the challenge of online competitors.

For this reason, marketing your company in your local area is essential for your success; and one of the most effective ways to do this is by using signs. In this post, we’ll look at eight ways local businesses can use signs for marketing.

1. Shop Frontage Name Boards

For those companies that have premises where customers come to, your shop front name board is one of the most vital marketing tools you can have. It stands above your shop door enabling potential customers to see you clearly at a distance and indicates exactly where you can be found. So, whether you are on the high street or next to a busy road, it’s a signpost that says, ‘We are here’. Without it, your business may go unnoticed.

More than that, however, it enables you to promote your brand. Whether you use facia signs, flat cut or built up lettering, a well-designed name board can effectively make you stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. If your name board looks like a relic from the seventies, perhaps it’s about time you invested in a new one.

2. Shop & Showroom Window Graphics

Window graphics work effectively because they can be positioned at eye level. This means that you can market directly to people who are passing by. You can use them to promote your brand by using company logos, colours or themes or you can use short-term graphics to bring promotions or sales to people’s attention.

Done well, window graphics can enhance the look of your store, making it more attractive to customers. This can increase footfall and lead to better sales or the acquisition of new customers.

3. Car & Vehicle Signs

If you have a company vehicle, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to use it as a way to promote your business. There are many ways you can use vehicle graphics for marketing purposes. You can let people know what type of business you are and where you are based; you can tell them your telephone number, email address and website details and you can promote your brand with the use of logos and slogans.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. With today’s full-colour vehicle graphics, you can showcase your products or services or put ads or promotions on display – pretty much anywhere on your vehicle.

The great thing about using car and vehicle signs is that your message is on display wherever you go. When you’re travelling, it gets seen by other drivers and people on the street and when you’re with a customer, all their neighbours can see it too. For those who serve a local community, this is a great way to get your name out there.

4. Exhibition & Trade Show Signs

Exhibitions and trade shows can be very busy places and those who attend never get the chance to see everything that’s on display. Instead, they veer towards those exhibitors who stand out from the crowd. Often, it’s the exhibition signs used by these companies that seem to have such a magnetic effect on the crowds.

One way to make sure that your trade show promotion goes successfully is to use signage that is going to have an impact on visitors. With everything from full-colour backdrops, large vertical banners and even branded counters to help you, they are a great way to draw visitors to your stand.

5. Wall banners

Businesses have been making good use of their external wall space for marketing for centuries. You can still see the faded paint of old adverts on many buildings today. The modern approach, however, is to use printed wall banners which can be put up and taken down as and when needed.

Banners like these can be made large enough to be seen at a distance and are great for those businesses which are situated away from the roadside. Smaller banners can also be used to highlight things to customers on their way into your premises, perhaps in the car park or near to the entrance. This makes removable banners the ideal way to promote onsite special offers or upcoming events.

6. Business Driveway or External Signage

Whilst banners are great for short-term promotions, those businesses which are set back from the road need a more permanent form of signage to let customers know where they are or to advertise their branding. There are two types of sign which are particularly effective for this: monolith signs and post and panel signs.

Both of these can be placed away from your buildings, perhaps by the entrance to your car park or just on the inside of your premises facing the road. They can be situated high up, too, so drivers can see them above the cars in front as they travel towards you.

Post and panel signs, similar to old pub signs, can also be hung outside shops and other premises, perpendicular to the wall. As they can be seen far more clearly by those travelling towards your premises, they are the perfect accompaniment to your shop front name board.

7. Illuminated Signs

For 24/7 marketing exposure, you need your signage to be visible when it is dark. While this is especially important to companies that do business in the evening, such as restaurants and bars, in winter and during dull days, all businesses can benefit.

Although you can shine lights onto your signs, by far the most effective method and one which looks far more professional, is to use an illuminated sign. Today, LED technology enables businesses to have stunning illuminated letters, glass and architectural signage on display and to do so safely and cost-effectively.

8. Business Entrance Acrylic Plaques

Some service and professional businesses, such as accountants and solicitors, traditionally have a plaque by the entrance to their offices. Often, this is because they share office space with other businesses in a larger building and don’t have the right to use larger frontage name boards.

One way of making your plaque more attractive to those passing by and which can enhance your brand identity, is to use an acrylic sign. Acrylic signs can be made in colour and feature your name, logo and other information.


For a local business to do well, it needs to constantly remind those in the area in which it operates that it is there. By using a range of different signage, it can market its brand and its products, services and promotions at its premises and throughout the area.

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