Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a very popular style of signage. If you are looking for an impressive, exclusive, professional feel, a sign in acrylic is the perfect material. Our acrylic signs will last a very long time. They work well as signs outdoors, but are mostly used for indoors and usually in environments to create a slightly more luxurious atmosphere. Also, acrylic signs are becoming more and more popular for house signs.  Used for house names, house numbers we are increasingly being asked for this.

These signs can be ordered in any size. They are made from transparent acrylic that has text and images printed digitally directly onto the rear of the sign material. The signs can be fixed with screws or the more exclusive option, standoffs.

Largely due to their modern and contemporary appearance, this style of sign is an ideal sign for your entrance and reception area but can also be a great solution for your internal way finding, door signage and display boards.


Acrylic Sign at Forefront
Engsleigh Insurance Acrylic Sign
Acrylic Sign at BCW Offices
Acrylic sign at Endsliegh Insurance office

From various sizes and thickness, ESP Signs have the solution for your signs. ESP Signs use the latest technology & sign making skills to manufacture high quality acrylic signs which are suitable for both interior & exterior use with no maintenance required.

Acrylic signs can be mounted direct to the wall with chrome stand off fixings or can be mounted to a back panel to a colour of your choice. Introducing frosted vinyl to your acrylic signage can give it that sophisticated look that can help your business get noticed.

Take advantage of our free in house sign design service.  We will listen to your brief very carefully and design a style that will deliver.  Once you are happy with the artwork, we will get busy with making your new signs. 

acrylic sign
Modern Acrylic office sign
Acrylic Signs