6 Benefits of Exhibition Signs

If you’re an organisation that exhibits at trade shows, its essential to have cost-effective display materials that have visual impact and which are easy to transport, use and store. Today’s portable exhibition signs are made from robust, lightweight materials, can be created in a range of shapes and sizes and offer eye-catching graphics. Here are the six major benefits of using them.

Customised designs

Although exhibition signage is usually modular, it is relatively simple to customise in order to create the precise design and structure your organisation needs. Systems can be flexible, enabling you to arrange displays in different ways so they fit different stands at different venues. You can also modify your display so that it looks different on each day of a trade show, helping to keep your stand looking fresh.

With today’s materials and modern printing techniques, the displays themselves can be made in almost any colour and design, providing you with sharp, multi-coloured graphics that can incorporate branding and photography.

Simple set up

You are never given enough time to get into a trade show venue prior to it starting, so it’s important that any display signage you use can be erected quickly. There are now various pieces of display equipment that help you create pop-up exhibition stands where your signage can be put up and taken down with ease.

Additionally, the compactness of their design and their lightweight frameworks mean you can also cut down on transport costs as you can fit everything into a smaller vehicle and reduce fuel consumption when travelling.


The modular, lightweight construction of exhibition signage makes it very easy for each element to be moved around and reconfigured so it can be used in a variety of circumstances, time and time again. You can remove components for smaller events or add them where you have more exhibition space and interchange different elements for different purposes.

Additionally, you can tailor your design to match the number of staff that will be running your stand. If it’s a small trade show and you only have one employee attending and they are taking a small vehicle, you can create a display using fewer components. And, as most of these are simple to erect and take down, it won’t be difficult for that one member of staff to set up the stand unaided.

Exhibition signs that last

If you’re investing in exhibition signage and you plan on taking it to lots of events, you want it to last. With the constant putting up and taking down that many trade show displays have to endure, it is important that the materials used are hard wearing and durable. Materials such as PVC vinyl is an ideal fabric for such purposes. It can be rolled and unrolled without damage, its print remains fixed throughout its lifespan and its suitable for both interior and exterior exhibition spaces.

Signage that captures attention

One of the advantages of PVC vinyl exhibition signs is that they have an ideal surface on which to print high-quality graphics. Signs can have 100% print coverage and virtually any image which can be created on a computer screen can be put onto your displays. This includes your logo and other branding, text in any typeface, vector graphics and photography.

And with today’s high-resolution printing techniques, your signage will have the incredibly focused pictures, crisp lines and vivid colours needed to outshine your competitors and capture the attention of trade show attendees who are being bombarded by displays everywhere they look.

A cost-effective signage solution

While you can get very cheap display materials, these are unlikely to show your brand in the best light. They won’t have the visual impact that attracts customers and new business and, as they will be constructed from lesser quality materials, you’ll need to replace them more often.

A cost-effective solution for exhibition signage is an investment that will bear the test of time and bring a return. High-quality materials, such as PVC vinyl, will help generate new income streams and will last for many years, saving you money over the long term. Add to this the fact that these display products are cheaper to transport and store and quicker to put up and take down, the potential savings are even greater.

The ultimate aim of any company that exhibits at a trade show is to get attendees to visit your stand so that your staff can generate new business. The challenge is in getting those attendees to visit your stand in the first place. With most trade shows being busy places with many exhibitors all vying for attention, having high-quality exhibition signage can be the decisive factor in making your event successful. Doing this repeatedly, show after show requires superior standard exhibition signage and hopefully, from reading this post, you can see the benefits of using it.

If you are looking for high-quality displays for trade shows, check out our exhibition signs page.