7 Key Advantages of Free Standing Monolith and Totem Signs

Free standing signs or monolith and totem signs are some of the most popular business signs in use and have proven to be a highly effective form of signage with a range of valuable applications. In this post, we’ll discuss the various ways they can be used and consider the advantages that they provide to businesses and other organisations.

Free Standing Signs – Signs you can put anywhere

When it comes to erecting a sign, one of the major advantages of monolith and totems is that they do not need to be attached to buildings, walls or fences. As a free standing sign, they have their own structural frame that enables them to be placed almost anywhere.

This feature makes them the best signage choice for businesses whose premises are located away from the road, for example, those on industrial or retail estates or those within their own grounds, such as hotels. By erecting a freestanding sign away from the building but close to the roadside, the company increases its ability to draw attention to itself even when the premises is not visible. In this way, free standing signage enables potential customers to easily find you and, consequently, helps you increase the number of customers you attract.

In addition, erecting a monolith or totem sign in a prominent location near the roadside ensures that your branding and message are visible to every pedestrian and vehicle which passes by, helping you reach out to new customers and increasing the potential return on investment for your signage.

Putting your brand on the map

Free standing monolith signs offer a highly effective way to promote your brand. They can be creatively designed and constructed so that their sheer presence makes an immediate and impactful statement about your business, helping to promote its status and reputation to those who see it and making your branding a familiar, recognisable and memorable landmark in the area.

Make the most of every opportunity

One of the most common places you are likely to see free standing monolith and totem signs is where a contractor is carrying out their work. Today, you’ll see businesses advertising themselves on roadworks, rail works, new housing estates and at various other construction sites. By putting up a free standing sign close to the work they are carrying out, not only are these companies advertising their brand, they are also showing passers-by just how good their work is.

24/7 impact

Just like signs attached to buildings, free standing signs can also be illuminated, ensuring that they stay visible in poor weather and during the hours of darkness. Having a sign which stands out in the dark enables you to attract customers all day, every day, maximising the impact of your investment.

Going tall

Provided your local authority have no objection, there is no limit to the size that a freestanding sign can be built. Increasing the height of a sign erected by the side of a road enables it to be read from further away, as someone passing by is less likely to have their view of it obscured by the traffic in front of them. This gives them more opportunity to notice it and a longer time to read the information being displayed.

Making your mark from every angle

Available as single sided, double sided, triangular and square, and with flat or curved sides, monolith and totem signs offer the ultimate solution for multi-directional promotion. Designing a freestanding sign to suit the location in which it is to be located means that whatever direction someone is travelling towards it, they will be able to clearly see your message.

Unlimited design options

Free standing monolith and totem signs can be created in many forms, from basic, flat panels to highly sophisticated, fabricated and illuminated corporate designs. They can be tall or short, narrow or wide, they are available in almost any colour and shape and can be constructed from wood, galvanised steel, satin finished stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. In addition, they can be finished with architectural powder coating or hard-wearing, stove-enamelled finish and be protected from vandalism and graffiti.


Free standing monolith and totem signs are an ideal solution for businesses. They are a highly visual form of signage that can be erected in locations that have the maximum impact. Their proven effectiveness means we see them everywhere, at schools, retail and industrial estates, hotels and venues, construction sites and outside many roadside businesses. If you need to attract the interest of passing traffic or show visitors where to find you, free standing signs are one of the best options you can choose.

If you are considering using a free standing sign to advertise your business, check our monolith signs page. We’ll be happy to help.

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