How Builders Can Benefit from Better Onsite Signboards

It’s become the standard practice for builders to put banners and portable signage outside of properties they are working on. However, not every builder takes advantage of the things that can be achieved with a modern signage solution. Today, with affordable printing techniques, it is possible to make portable signs using different materials and in ways which are far more effective at selling your services. In this post, we’ll look at ways this can be achieved.

The aim of a signboard
Signboards can be a powerful part of your marketing campaign, letting the passing traffic know that a property is being developed by your company and showing them where to get in touch if they want to make enquiries.
One of the issues with many signboards is that the marketing focuses on promoting the company’s brand rather than the type of services on offer. When the builder’s name and logo are the most prominent feature of the sign, little is left to give an impression of the work you do. Often, the work you are doing at the property is left to market itself, with the belief that if someone likes the look of it, they’ll inquire. There are, however, better ways to communicate your services and your brand to passing traffic.

Signage materials that work
Improvements in technology mean hardwearing signage materials, such as panel signs or PVC banners, are more affordable and easier to display while you are temporarily on-site. They are exceptionally versatile to print on, come in a range of sizes and designs and look professional. Importantly, they are durable enough to be taken from job to job.

Go bigger – say more
Though there are council limits on the size of your onsite advertising signage, using the largest permitted signboard allows you to attract more attention and point out key services you offer. This way, you can add details about specific services you do, such as roofing, loft conversion or extension building. This can interest those people looking for those particular services and lead to an increased number of enquiries.
While it is important not to cram too much information on a sign, using the text wisely can trigger the curiosity and lead to potential clients seeking more information and asking for a quote. A larger sign can also be seen from further away, attracting more people and enabling them to view it for longer.

Embrace technology
In some areas, building companies are using signage that helps potential customers find out more about their services using smartphone technology. Two particular ways this is happening is through printing QR codes on signs or attaching an RFID tag and adding the words ‘tap your phone here for more info’. Using these affordable technologies, interested passers-by can get instant access to your website and find out how to get in touch.

Give the full picture
The beauty of many modern signs and banners is that they enable you to incorporate stunning photographic images. If you have a portfolio of your best work, you can include images from here on your sign, giving potential customers an idea of the quality of the work you are able to carry out and showing them how you can improve their own properties. This is helpful as potential customers are much more likely to be impressed by a photo of the final result rather than the work in progress they see as they pass.

Make your signs work 24/7
Adding LED lighting to your on-site signs ensures that they can be seen by passers-by no matter what time of day. This is particularly important in winter when the majority of rush hour traffic will be passing in the dark. At these times of the year, neither the property you are working at or the sign is easy to see. However, with a well-lit sign, this needn’t be the case. And if the sign has an image of your work on it, that can be seen, too.

Bring your brand to the fore
While modern printing techniques enable you to recreate your branding in even better ways on your signboards, equally appealing to potential new clients will be the quality of your signs. The addition of informative text, high-quality images of your best work and 24/7 visibility shows customers that you are a professional brand that takes pride in the quality of its services.

The use of construction signs and PVC banners enables builders to advertise in better ways to passers-by. Let nearby residents and passing traffic see the quality of your work, discover the services you offer and find easier ways to visit your website and get in touch. By adding LED illumination, you ensure that even when you’ve packed up for the day, the sign is still working for you.

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