How Monolith Signs Can Benefit Your Business

Monolith signs are one of the most common business signs people see, which is no surprise considering how effective they are. However, if you haven’t heard the term before it’s possibly because the monolith also has various other names within the industry. It is sometimes referred to as a post mounted sign or a free standing sign. In this post, we’ll look at the various uses monolith signs can be put to and the advantages they provide.

The streetwise sign
One of the advantages of a monolith sign is that it is free standing. This means it doesn’t need to be attached to a building and can be placed almost anywhere. This makes it the ideal signage to draw attention to businesses that are set back from the road or away from the main highway. If you are hidden away on an industrial estate or your premises is obscured by a wall or trees, you can place a monolith sign near the main road so that customers and other visitors can find you easily. Used this way, these signs are a key way for businesses to increase footfall and sales.

At the same time, being prominently placed near the side of the road lets the monolith sign advertise your business to every passing vehicle and pedestrian, ensuring that you get optimum value from your investment.

Showcase your talents
One of the most popular uses of monolith signs is on construction sites. Whenever you see building work in progress, you’re likely to see companies advertising their presence by erecting a temporary free standing sign at a convenient location on the site.

Although this form of advertising was originally used by larger construction companies, today, it is also used by much smaller businesses such as local builders.

There are several advantages to these signs. Firstly, by placing your company name on a live construction project, you are advertising your presence to those who live nearby. This openness about who is conducting the work tells the locals that you are being accountable for the work you do and any disruption you may cause. This is good PR and works to enhance your brand.

Secondly, when those who pass by see the quality of the work you are doing, the monolith sign will tell them who has done the work. This advertises your company and promotes your brand’s reputation for excellence. As a result, other customers are more likely to ask for your services too.

Finally, if you are building houses or other premises in order to sell them, the presence of your monolith sign will drum up interest with potential buyers during construction.

Signs that make a statement
Monolith signs are the ideal way to make a branding statement about your organisation. They can be impressively constructed to promote the status and reputation of your company and announce to customers that they have arrived at your premises.

There are many styles of post-mounted signs you can choose, from simple flat panel signs to elaborately shaped and fabricated corporate designs. They can be finished in virtually any colour, have a hard-wearing, stove-enamelled finish or architectural powder coating. The posts themselves can be manufactured from wood, galvanised steel, satin finished stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. The signs can even be protected against graffiti.

If you want to promote your business as a successful company, then you can’t go wrong making a statement with a well-designed, carefully placed, monolith sign.

High visibility signs
One of the reasons monolith signs are so attractive is that they are highly versatile. This means it is possible to erect them in the most advantageous way to have maximum visual impact. You can build these signs high or low, tall or wide. It is also possible to erect them so that they are multi-directional, enabling traffic coming in any direction to easily see them.
Using this versatility improves the visual effectiveness of the sign and draws in more customers to your business.

Monolith signs are everywhere and are used by all kinds of organisations. We see them on the front of schools, on service stations, outside retail estates, at the entrance to hotels and restaurants, at the side of busy roads and in public spaces. It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational corporation or a local business, if you want to capture the attention of passing traffic or need to show people where your business is situated, a post mounted sign can be one of the most effective ways of doing the job.

If you are considering using a post mounted sign to advertise your business, check our monolith signs page . We’ll be happy to help.

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