Making the Most of Your Brand With Internal Signs

Having an external sign which showcases your brand is great for attracting visitors and getting them through the door, but how do you keep that brand working for you once they are inside? Some businesses are excellent at internal branding, using décor and signage harmoniously to give their interiors a style that matches their identity, culture and values. In this post, we’ll look at a range of modern internal signs that can extend your brand instore – both as signage and as décor.  

Window graphics

While window graphics have been used extensively on external windows, many companies are now seeing the benefits of using them internally, where they can be placed on many forms of glass, such as partitions, stair and balcony rails, doors, mirrors and internal windows.

Perhaps their biggest use, internally, is to create a subtle but effective branded décor. You could, for example, take an element from your logo and use this to design a frosted glass effect graphics that can be attached to different types of glass throughout your premises, ensuring that the branding was consistently present in a quiet but persuasive way.

Modern manufacturing techniques enable window graphics to be made in colours which match your brand’s colour palette and in any design you want to create. The advantage of a window graphic over genuinely frosted glass is that you can peel the graphic off and replace it whenever you like without the expense of replacing the glass.

Lobby signs

Lobby signs are used extensively in all kinds of organisations and one of the reasons for their popularity is that they make a statement about the brand as soon as people walk through the door. Doing this helps visitors make an instant connection to your brand at the moment when it is likely to have the biggest impact, helping schools look academically successful, legal companies appear professional, health centres feel welcoming and fashion boutiques seem sophisticated.

Bespoke lobby signs are the ideal way to present your brand. Using acrylic or metals like brass, aluminium or titanium, it is possible to create stunning 2D or 3D architectural lettering and logos that incorporate your brand’s typeface and, in the case of acrylic, your colour scheme. You can even add the brilliance of LED lighting, too.

Core values signage

With social media criticism having disastrous consequences for unethical businesses, many companies now go out of their way to promote their core values. Indeed, many now mention them explicitly on the About Us page of their websites, on printed materials and, as a relatively new phenomenon, by putting them on display in their premises.

One of the most common places to find these displays is in schools where you’ll find large, multi-coloured acrylic signs installed, bearing words such as Respect, Tolerance, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, etc. The signs are displayed in prominent places where staff, students, parents and visitors can see them. Placing them here helps the school reinforce its values to its community whilst also using them to convince potential parents that this is the place to send their children.

Similar signs are being used in other organisations and are to be found in both customer-facing and behind the scenes locations. The internationally renowned 11 Madison Park restaurant in New York, for example, now uses signs to display key phrases from its mission statement to its employees. Other businesses find them an ideal way to let their customers know that transparent pricing, first-class customer service and no-quibble returns are at the heart of what they do. In this way, a core values sign, using brand colours and typefaces, is a great way to show that you are an ethical brand that puts customers first.

Wayfinding signage

Every business needs wayfinding signage of some form, even if it’s simply to identify which room is which. One useful way to extend your brand across your premises is to use wayfinding signs that are designed in line with your brand.

Whether you are putting signs on walls and doors, hanging them from ceilings or erecting directional posts, you can put your logo (or elements of it) onto them, use one of your corporate fonts and use colours from your brand’s palette. This way, whenever someone is searching for a specific place, they’ll always be reminded of your brand.

Portfolio display signs

A key element of many companies’ brand identity is the imagery they provide of their products or services. Whilst the image itself will showcase what they have to offer, equally important is the ‘house style’ of the photograph. Go into any high street fashion retailers and you will see how each will have their own way of portraying their clothing that fits perfectly with their brand.

With today’s technology, it is now possible to use creative photography to develop a portfolio of your products and services and to display these as signs. They can be hung as banners that go from the ceiling to the floor or turned into large-scale window graphics, making a feature of your best work and showing them off in a style that depicts your brand.

Summing up
Signage can play an important role in enhancing your brand in-store. It can be used as subtle décor on windows and glass, create a stunning statement in an entrance lobby, help customers with shared values connect with you, be used discretely on your wayfinding signs and help you promote your products or services with banners and graphics created in your brand style.

Together, these elements create a powerful in-store branding strategy that can have a big impact on sales.
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Designing the correct signage for your brand and location brings many benefits to hotels and their clientele. It helps customers find you, attracts passing trade, improves your brand identity and creates a better user experience inside your premises. At the same time, well-designed signs help you stay compliant with local regulations and make your hotel safer for staff and visitors.
If you are considering upgrading your hotel signage, visit our Restaurant and Hotels Signs page.

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