Sign Makers: 10 Reasons To Choose Wisely

Great signage can make a big difference to your organisation. It can improve your brand’s identity, show people where to find you, advertise your services to a wider audience and make you stand out from the competition. These things, however, will only happen if you have the right signage and you’ll only get that if you choose your sign maker carefully. Here, we’ll show you ten key things to look for in a quality sign maker.

Understanding your organisation

For a sign to be effective, it has to work well for its audience. To achieve this, the sign maker needs to have a full understanding not just of your sector but of your individual organisation. When searching for a sign manufacturer, you should look for one which has experience within your sector and which will be willing to spend the time getting to know your business. Before they make your signage, they should make the effort to understand your brand’s identity, your company’s mission and the customers you want to attract.

Experience in the industry

Sign making has been a skilled profession since the reign of Richard III when ale house landlords were compelled to display signs outside their pubs. Although the profession has changed radically over the last 650 years, today’s sign makers still undergo years of practice in order to hone their skills.

When choosing a signage supplier, look for a company that employs highly experienced sign makers whose expertise will ensure that the signs you want are of the highest quality and suitable for your needs.

Offers a design service

One of the key services a sign manufacturer can offer is to design your signage for you. While you can design a sign yourself or have an artistic designer create one for you, what a sign designer brings to the table is a knowledge of the materials in which they work. This gives them the capacity to see potential in the use of materials that other creators might not have conceived.

However, not all sign makers offer a design service, some will only create what you bring through the door. Our advice is to choose a maker that can design and manufacture. This often works out to be less expensive, too.

Uses advanced technology

Like in most industries, the computer has revolutionised the way sign makers work. Today, a good sign manufacturer should be using a range of hi-tech solutions to create even better designs and signs of a higher quality finish.

Computerised technologies can be used for 2D and 3D designing, accurate architectural cutting and printing, LED lighting design and for ensuring the structural integrity of your signs.

Works with a range of materials

Advances in technology have enabled sign makers to use a wider range of materials from which to manufacture their signs.

Today, you can purchase signs made from acrylic, wood and various metals, including aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and even titanium – all of which can be created in different styles of with different finishes. There are also graphic signs which can be printed and attached to vehicles or windows.

Signs can be created in 2D or 3D, can combine multiple materials and be illuminated with striking LED lighting. Make sure your sign maker offers you a wide range of options.

Can make bespoke signage

While there are instances when you can save money using an off the shelf design, there are some signs that need to make a statement about your organisation and others that, because of where they are to be placed, demand a unique approach to their construction. At times like these, you need a company that is able to provide a bespoke signage solution and which can work with you to produce something that is visually stunning, or which overcomes any installation challenges that you face. Check out whether a sign maker can create bespoke signage before you use them.

Variety of signage types

It makes sense to choose a sign maker that is able to design and manufacture a wide range of different signs. If you are installing a wayfinding system, for example, you may require more than one type of sign to do this effectively (i. e., ‘You are here’ maps, directional signposts, room name signs, wall signs and ceiling hung signs). If your sign maker cannot produce all the different signs you need, it complicates things enormously.

The other advantage is that if you ever need another type of sign manufacturing, the sign maker will have your previous designs on record and will already know the needs of your business.

Signage installation

It should go without saying that a company that manufactures your sign should also be able to install it for you – after all, they designed and built it. An experienced sign maker will know the legal requirements of where to place health and safety signs, will understand how to erect free-standing signs and have the expertise to install more complex signs, such as those that incorporate lighting.

Signs that come with a warranty

If you are investing in high-quality signage for your business, you want to make sure that the products you receive are guaranteed. The industry standard is to offer a 12 months’ warranty, so don’t accept anything less.

Excellent reputation

One of the advantages of the internet is that you no longer need to take what a company says about its services at face value. Today, you can find out what other customers think about them by checking out reviews online or on social media. Not every sign company has taken advantage of this yet, but if they have, take a look at their reviews before deciding if they are right for you.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when choosing a sign maker for your organisation. Hopefully, the points we’ve raised here will help you make the best choice. However, if you are looking for a company that ticks all these boxes, ESP Signs will be happy to help you create the perfect signage. Visit our homepage to find out more, or check out our reviews on Facebook.

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