Project Description

Fascia Signs


External fascia signs and building signs play a key role in accurately identifying your company or business.

An external shop sign or a retail fascia above the outside of the shop or even a sign situated within the window plays such a crucial role in attracting customers that it’s incredibly important that it is done right as customers tend to judge you by your cover and it only reflects on how professional you are as a business. Our graphic designers and printing design team can create a well designed and appropriately targeted sign which will portray the right image in attracting your customers.

We create fascia signs in the following materials – Aluminium Composite Sign Tray – available in a limited number of colours, Aluminium Sign Tray – powder coated and painted in whichever colour needed, Stainless Steel Sign Tray – available in Brushed Steel, Polished Steel, Brushed Gold, Polished Gold, etc, Wooden Fascia Sign Board – usually marine treated plywood painted in whichever colour needed