Wayfinding Signs

Successful wayfinding signs present information clearly and effectively and avoid any confusion. ESP Signs will work with your branding to tailor the desired functionality and practical requirement of wayfinding  signage and integrate it with the style of your branding and image. Wayfinding signs are an effective way to extend your branding throughout your workplace, school or building. They make your building function better and assist people in getting where they need to go quickly and safely.  Our design team will work with you to create a nice fresh appeal to your signage that compliments the building design.

wayfinding signs
wayfinding signs
wayfinding signs

Wayfinding sign solutions are designed to convey clear, concise information through a series of communication points, that guide visitors to their location or destination, safely and with ease.

Wayfinding signage has two key functions. Successful signage will direct people who are unfamiliar with their surroundings, taking account of the needs of all, including the visually impaired and help everyone feel more engaged with their environment.

But commercial signage solutions should also address the requirements of an organisation’s corporate identity, forming an intrinsic part of its brand and marketing philosophy and creating that vital first impression.


The fundamental purpose of wayfinding signs to direct people who are unfamiliar with the surroundings to a location or destination effortlessly and to take account of the needs of all requirements of special needs such as visually impaired.

A consistent wayfinding signage solution required a site assessment from an experienced surveyor who will create a detailed plan and a thorough appreciation of the precise function of a building. The system must also have a dual function and take into account of your brand. A successful system for wayfinding signage should always form a critical part of corporate identity.